Funeral of Nasrin Taskini (Mother), Azita Baahri (Sister) and Ahmad Bahari (Father)

Nasrin Taskini

Nasrin Taskini

صدای فارسی  برای شنیدن این داستان به فارسی، روی (صدای فارسی) کلیک کنید

Nobody told me that my mother was sick and died in the Hospital and they did the same when my father, Ahmad Bahari

died more than 30 years ago.

 Zarah Bahari or Marita Bahari told few people that I had a car accident and I am in the comma so I could not attend the funeral.

They did not tell me that my father died so they can steal my share of properties and tried to get my death certificate because they had

problems transferring the title to Farzad Samavati.

Zarah Bahari did not inform me about Nasrin Taskini death so she can complete form 19 (Tax legal share and distribution) so I would not include

her legal and real share that made a rich person.

Zarah Bahari has full support from Ami-Reza Samavati and Aghdas Taskini.

She took me to the court that I destroyed the house and broke the lock of store in 2017.

I wish the God will punish the crook and con-artist.

Nasrin Taskini Funeral

Aghdas Taskini, Ataullah Taskini, Javad Taskini, Zrin Taskini, Mohammad Shafie (Ali) Taskini in their sister funeral in Rasht (my mother) in 2017. (Left to Right).


Zrin Taskini, Aghdas Taskini, Nasrin Taskini, Arghevan Taskini, and Messy Samavati . (Left to Right). Aghdas Taskini stole million dollar

Azita Bahari

Azita Bahari

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Ahmad Bahari

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