House In Lahijan

House In Lahijan

The original owner of the house was Ahmad Bahari and his business partner almost half/hlaf.

Mty father share was 1/8 more than his partner.

When Ahmad Bahari died, Zarah Bahari took all documents including title of this house and the will to her

and Hojat Asgharnia house. They did not want me to see the will or have any documents.

 In 2004, Ahmad Bahari son got his share (TBD) of the house using Tax department inherence law..

After Azita death, Aghdas Taskini and Faridoon own (TBD) share of the house because their son got married with Azita Bahari

got married with Farzad Samavati and both died in the airplane crash (The wife and husband get share from each other).