House In Rasht

House In Rasht

The original owner of the house was Ahmad Bahari.

When Ahmad Bahari died, Zarah Bahari took all documents including title of this house and the will to her

and Hojat Asgharnia house. They did not want me to see the will or have any documents.

Nasrin Taskini tried to created fake document to transfer the house title to herself but she failed.

In 2004, Ahmad Bahari son got his share (50%) of the house using Tax department inherence law..

After Azita death, Aghdas Taskini and Faridoon own 12.5% or 1/8 share of the house because their son got married with Azita Bahari

got married with Farzad Samavati and both died in the airplane crash (The wife and husband get share from each other).

Shahin Apartment

Faridoon Samavati rented this aprtment for Nasrin Taskin  and used it as my addrerss

in order to sell my share of house (50%) illegally, I lived in Houston at that time and I knew nothing about it

Zarah Bahari and Taskini and rest of Samavati took me to the court but they could not sell the house.

Zarah Bahari email me that somebody is trying to steal the house so I went back to Rasht and I found out

Zarah Bahari, Nasrin Taskini, Aghdas Taskini, and her Samavati gang are the one who try to steal and sell the house illegally

they failed.

Nasrin Taskini Funeral

Nobody told me that my mother was sick and died in the Hospital and they did the same when my father,

Ahmad Bahari  died more than 30 years ago.

Zarah Bahari told few people that I had a car accident in Houston and I am in the comma so I could not attend the funeral.

They did not tell me that my father died so they could steal my share of properties and tried to get my death certificate

because they had problems transferring the title to Farzad Samavati.

Zarah Bahari did not inform me about Nasrin Taskini death so she can complete form 19 (Tax legal share and distribution)

so I would not include her legal and real share that made a rich person.

Zarah Bahari has full support from Ami-Reza Samavati and Aghdas Taskini.

She took me to the court that I destroyed the house and broke the lock of store in 2017.

I wish the God will punish the crook and con-artist people.

Dry Cleaner Close To Dry Cleaner

{Sleeping in Ali Dry Cleaner and Snow to the Dry Cleaner}

I had to sleep in Ali dry cleaner store that is closed to our house (two minutes walking) for three weeks.

It was snow and cold and I had to use the customer dirty blanket. I sometimes used the newspaper.

None of my family, Nasrin Taskini, Zarah Bahari, and etc came to help and asked me to come our house.

Low class, Low humanity, and a lot more, I will never forget these three weeks and few days that I

slept in the rice factory that was owned by my father and Nasrin Taskini sold it after his death.

After Nasrin Taskini death, distribution  share of the House in Rasht.

If Nasrin Taskini From 19, Inherence is completed.

1. Ahmad Bahari son 67%

2. Zarah Bahari daughter 33%