Azita Bahari Inherence From Farzad Samavati

Azita & Farzad Wedding Funeral

Azita Bahari got married with Farzad Samavati and went to Mashad for the honeymoon.

Their airplane crashed in Mehrabad Airport in Tehran and 132 passenger and staff died in the crash.

1/4 Farzad Samavai wealth will be given to Nasrin Taskini and 1/2 Azita Bahari wealth will be given to Aghdas Taskini

and Faridoon Samavati.

Nasrin Taskini, Zarah Bahari, and Azita Bahari, Ahmad Bahari son in USA have not done the Tax department legal inherence distribution

for years until Ahmad Bahari arrived in Rasht after 25+ years living in the Houston.

Faridoon Samavati and Aghdas Samavati and Nasrin Taskini have never done the Tax department legal inherence distribution

for Azita Bahari and Farzad Samavati. They transferred the title from Farzad Samavati to Aghdas Taskini with the fake document is done

by a Tax department employee (Seyed Mohammad Syedi born in Shaft, and is retired now).

The following properties sill belong to Azita Bahari (dead), Nasrin Taskini (dead), Zarah Bahari, and Ahmad Bahari son.

  1. Bank TBD in Golsar, Rasht.

  2. Bank Pasargad in Golsar, Rasht

  3. Yakta Store in Golsar, Rashtr

  4. House TBD in Tehran.

  5. Farm between Rasht and Roudbar

After Nasrin Taskini, Zahra Bahari did not inform her brother about mom death and was going full speed to do Nasrin Tax department legal

inherence without including the above properties.

Ahmad Bahari son arrived after few months after Nasrin death and includes all those property and Nasrin Taskini Tax department

legal inherence has not been done.