Reza Samani Sanction

Reza Samani

Director, Technical Lab at Precision Petroleum Labs Inc

5915 Star Ln, Houston, TX 77057

(713) 680-9425

Reza Samani has no exprience in his curent position and got his degree form a type of

school in Iran that the graduates who have hard time to find jobs in thier fields of study

because the quality of education in these schools is very low.

Reza Samani work visa has been expired I hope he has work permit now.

Who got H-1B visa for Reza Samani from Iran & works as a director for Precision Petroleum Labs Inc.

USA has sanction against Iran no import or export.

Citizenship: Iran(1)
Class of Admission: H-1B(1)
Education: Bachelor's(1)
College: Islamic Azad University - Najafabad Branch,Iran(1)
Major: Materials Engineering(1)

Iranian-American, majority of them own their own businesses.

They are Pro Republican, Bush, & Trump.

They do not like to pay taxes & a lot of them are always audited by IRS.

They live here and know nothing about 1st amendment.

If I were in charge I would deport any Iranian who do not pay their taxes and do not understand 1st Amendments.


We could not hire an American for this position and brought somebody from Iran with no experience.

He learned everything in Houston.

We do not need any people with H-1B in the USA.


There are a lot of people whith good jobs in the USA & are working here with H-1B.

We need to deport all these people to where they came from.


The complete report about Reza Samani will be given to TV local ch 2, 11, 13, 26, and 39.

The report will be given to FBI, IRS, and DHS.

{Reza Samani current and previous addresses}

2742 Jeanetta St, APT 1437
Houston, TX 77063-8006

9200 Westheimer Rd, APT 1213
Houston, TX 77063-3544

(8/26/2016 - 8/26/2016)

9550 Ella Lee Ln, APT 3203
Houston, TX 77063-1257

(10/12/2011 - 10/2/2014)