The Store in Gholchin


صدای فارسی برای شنیدن این داستان به فارسی، روی (صدای فارسی) کلیک کنید

Before Ahmad Bahari death.

Ahmad Bahari was the sole owner of the store.

After Ahmad Bahari Death.

Nasrin Taskini tried to changed the title from Ahmad Bahari to her name but it was blocked by Asefi because of

Inherence Form 19 was not done and Ahmad Bahari son was not present in Rasht and lived in Houston.

Faridoon Samavati and Nasrin Taskini tried to use the store to sale the bread. It was blocked by Mr. Asefi again

because the store owners have to sell food products.

In 2003 when I saw the store after 25 years living in Houston it was in very bad shape.


{Faridoon Moveghari, Me, and Real Estate Agent}

Nasrin Taskini, Zarah Bahari, and Hojat Asgharnia tried to sell the shop but it was blocked again. The real esate agent

was my high school classmate. He explained everything to me in his house.

In 2004 I was waiting for Nasrin Taskini and Zarah Bahari in the shop so we can take talk to Mr. Asefi son and care of ownership

and responsibities of the store at spefici time but nasrin Taskini and Hojat Asgharnia came few hours earlier and talk to Mr. Aswfi son.

In 2014 Zarah Bahari with Nasrin Bahari power attorney and two lawers tried to sell the shop and it was blocked Mr. Asefi son and

I did not know about it until somebody told me about it in 2017 after Nasrin Taskini death.

In 2017 Nasrin Taskini died.

Before Nasrin Taskini death, distribution share of the Store.

1. Ahmad Bahari son 50%

2. Zarah Bahari daughter 25%

3. Nasrin Taskini 12.5% from her Azita Bahari inherence who died in the airplan crash and never was done in Tax department.

4. Aghdas Taskini 6.25%

5. Faridoon Taskini. 6.25%.

After Nasrin Taskini death, distribution  share of the Store.

If Nasrin Taskini From 19, Inherence is completed.

1. Ahmad Bahari son 57%

2. Zarah Bahari daughter 29%

3. Aghdas Taskini 6.25%

4. Faridoon Taskini. 6.25%.

Store In 2003, it looks OK outside but years later somebody destroied the door on purpose.

Nasrin Taskini and Zahra Bahari were watching this store very well.

Compare the picture in 2003 (left) to 2017 (right).

Store In 2003 Store Is Locked By Zarah Bahari 03

In 2017 Ahmad Bahari son visited the store and tried to clean and fix it and give a life to it.

The Store was dirty.

Story Dirty 01 Story Dirty 01 Story Dirty 01 Story Dirty 01

The Store was cleaned by Ahmad Bahari son and a worker.

Store Is Cleaned 01 Store Is Cleaned 02 Store Is Cleaned 03

The Store was locked by Zarah Bahari, 3 locks and one chain link were used.

Store Is Locked By Zarah Bahari Store Is Locked By Zarah Bahari 02 Store Is Locked By Zarah Bahari 03

Zahra Bahari took Ahmad Bahari son to the court because he broke the chain lock.

Zarah Bahari COurt

{Zarah Bahari Court order for me}

Zarah Bahari Police

{Zarah Bahari Police Complain for me}

The Store was locked by Ahmad Bahari son, one lock and one chain link are used.

Zarah Bahari came to the Golchin and took picture Ahmad Bahari son lock.

Ahmad Bahari Son Locked 01 Store Is Locked By Zarah Bahari 03

Zahrah Bahari house door.

Zarah Bahari House Door

Zarah Bahari cannot keep her house door clean what should we expect from her about the store cleaness.

You are sick and take people to the court for no reason and wonder why you alwasy lose.