Maryam Atef Yakta

  Maryam Atef Yakta  Me with Zarian and Haddi

{Maryam Atef Yakta, her parents: Zarin Taskini, Haddi Atef Yakta, and me.}

صدای فارسی برای شنیدن این داستان به فارسی، روی (صدای فارسی) کلیک کنید

Maryam Atef Yakta father Haddi Atef Yakta was married to his first wife who was Zarin Taskini aunt.

His first wife was loved by everybody in Fuman but not his second wife or Zarin Taskini.

He made Zarin Taskini pregnant without getting married and it was a very bad news in Rasht and Fuman. 

Zarin Taskini and her children from the first marriage (Sholeh Samavati, Hassan and Hossien Bashiri)

were not allowed to come to our house anymore after pregnancy.

Maryam Atef Yakta is an out of wedlock child and was hated by everybody in Fuman & Rasht.

Maryam Atef Yakta first husband got divorced from her because she was sleeping with his co-workers.

I had an extensive interview with Maryam Atef Yakta first husband family and learned

about Maryam and her first husband problems.

Maryam Atef Yakta found another person in Canada and got married to him in 2018.

Maryam Atef Yakta has the same problem that her mother, Zarin Taskini had sleeping with other men.


Zarin Taskini  Zarin Taskini, Mother.

Haddi Atef Yakta Haddi Atef Yakta, Father.

Sholeh Samavati  Sholeh Samavati, Step sister.