Sholeh Samavarti, Masoumeh Bashiri or Masoumeh Samavati

A 9-Grade Dropout &  No GED Works as a Pharmacist for the CVS

CVS Logo     Mozafar Saamvati Zarah Bahari

{Sholeh Samavati, her husband Mozafar Samavati, Sholeh used to wear black clothes before Iranian Islamic Revolution

The picture belongs to Sholeh cousin Zarah Bahari, was taken in 2017}

She got married to Mozafar Samavati, she was 16 years old and Mozafar was 42 years old (Her father age was the same as Mozafar)

and her mother did not know anything about the marriage and when she found out she was very mad because Mozafar was a pimped,

a SAVAK agent, and con-artist in Iran. Mozafar never had a real job in the USA. When she left Iran she was a 9th grade droppout and she

had no high school diploman. She does not have a GED in USA either.

She finished only the 9th grade in Iran but she created a fake high school diploma in order to enter the Houston Community College

and she used one of Texas Sothern University Iranian professor connection in order to enter the Pharmacy school. Two of pervious

TSU school presidents have been indicted, arrested and jailed for the stealing money from the school fund.

The TSU is one of worst school in the USA for quality of education and most instructors use the old tests.

She sold fake insurance documents to Iranian and one of Iranian is Hassan and was born in Mashhad.

As long as she works for the CVS we do not buy anything from the CVS.

Sholeh Samavati who visited Guilan for the first time with her con-artist Mozafar Samavati bought our inherence furniture

from Nasrin Taskini without my permission for my share of furniture. Sholeh Samavati gave the furniture to his brother (Hassan and Hossien Bashiri).

When her father divorced her mom (Zarin Taskini), Sholeh and her two brothers (Hassan and Hossien Bashiri) have to stay

either in her grandmother house or in our house in Rasht. Her grandmother kicked them out because they were very bad.

Hassan was used to steal everything. When he grew up he was arrested because of stealing.

He is going to live in Germany now. After few months of living in our house I really got tired of them and I told them this is the last month.

At end of the month Sholeh punched my face in the front of house because I did not let her into the house.

My father gave me the permission to do that. I did not meet her until she came to the USA with her con-artist husband.

After my sister death in the airplane crash in Tehran (one day after her marriage), Sholeh invited me to her rented house

close to the highway 6, I did not know why they invited me but when I got there I saw Farah Samavati and her husband Behrouz in the kitchen.

They asked me to give power attorney to Nasrin Taskini because she needs the money. I told them as long as I do not have

a copy my father will I will not do anything. Farah Samavati told me that an American-Iranian can not own any property in Iran.

They lied a lot and tried to scare me because they got the order from Faridoon Samavati and Aghdas Taskini to get my power attorney otherwise they will have a lot problems with me in the future because they decided to cheat my father inherence and my share.

When they owned a super market in the West Alabama, they asked my father to ask me a give them a $2000 loan but they have never paid that loan to me. Sholeh should also pay $2000 loan from 36 years ago at the current market value.

When Mozafar asked me to send money to my Nasrin Taskini because she was very poor, he took $1000 indirectly from the Iranian money exchanger

who was arrested later on by the FBI. I found out about this when I visited Iran for the first-time mother told me that

she did not received the extra $1000. When I came back to the USA and I told that to Mozafar and he accepted and did not do anything about it.

She also stole Omid Samavati inherence share who is Mozafar Samavati son from first marriage.

She sold Mozafar house for about $225,000 and half of the house share belongs to Omid. She received $150,000 in three payments

from Faridoon Samavati and Aghdas Taskini because Faridoon Samavati stole Mozafar share of a company in Ahvaz.

Sholeh Samavati owns Omid Samavati at least $190,000. Sholeh had never allowed Mozafar to bring Omid to the USA to get his green card and etc.

Sholeh mother (Nasrin Taskini), Aghdas Taskini and her children attacked me in Rasht and I went to the roof and call the police to arrest them.
$150,000 was earned from selling my stolen father land that is owned by Pasarguard Bank now after his death and I need my legal inherence share that is $75,000. Sholeh has never reported this income in her tax return.

Arghevan Samavati (our cousin) got her medical doctor degree in Iran by cheating. Her father paid money to dean of the medical department in open university in Tehran. The dean was arrested in the long term by selling tests.

When my sister died in the airplane crash Sholeh called me at my work for the funeral in Houston. I did not like to see

my sister name was changed from Azita Bahari to Azita Samavati for the funeral. Women always carry their father name

before and after getting marriage in Persian culture.

A long time ago Sholeh asked me to help her to buy a computer so she came to my work place and she told me

why I am wearing tie and shirt she thought I was a manufacturing worker and I told her I was a control system engineer.

She bought the computer and it was raining and when I carried her computer to her insurance I felt but I was OK

and the computer was OK too. After one hour she called me at work that her insurance does not pay me

If I complain and I told her I have my company insurance.

When Hossien Yazdanpenah house was robbed and he was Sholeh insurance customer and Sholeh did not help him

and Hossien was not never paid by the insurance company.

When Hossien wife brought Korean customers to Sholeh she was never paid any commission after Sholeh promised.

Sholeh is a total selfish and a user.

Mozafar lived in his house and Sholeh lived in her condo for more than 15 years and I was asked by some people

why they do not get divorced? Sholeh did not get divorce for the following reason:
1. It did not look good for her insurance business.
2. Mozafar was very sick and could die at any time and worth a lot more as a dead person.
3. She sold Mozafar house and took the money.
4. Life Insurance.
5. Retirement Payment.
6. Get more money from Faridoon Samavati and Aghdas Taskini in the future for helping them to come to the USA.

Amir-Reza Samavati sent $150,000 from the sale distribution to Sholeh Samavati in Houston in two money transfer of

$75,000 each that is against the US Law.

Anybody who is either married or work with Samavati and Taskini families must be either con-artist or will be con-artist.


Mozafar Samavati Mozafar Samavati, Husband

Zarin Taskini  Zarin Taskini, Mother.

Omid Samavati Omid Samavati, Step Son

Gia Samavati Gia Sharzad Samavarti, Daughther

Ellie Samavati Ellie Shirin Samavati, Daughter

Maryam Atef Yakta Maryam Atef Yakta, Step Sister.

Bank of Pasargad Bank of Pasargad, Stolen Property From Ahmad Bahari