Darband Shish Kabob

(Enemy of First Amendment}


صدای فارسی برای شنیدن این داستان به فارسی، روی (صدای فارسی) کلیک کنید

Mozafar Samavati fainted on 11-11-2005 and was bleeding from his mouth and was taken to a Hospital later on.

We had to print this article again with major revision. We should never wish bad for others because it could happen to us.

On July 28 2005 Babek (Sholeh Samavati TSU pharmacy classmate) and Haji had a fight inside and outside of the Darband Shish Kabob.

Darband, Chengiz, the manager blamed the fight on me and asked me not to come to the Darband Shish Kabob anymore.

On July 30 2005, I was drinking my carrot juice in front of Ali Shirazi business place and suddenly

Mozafar Samavati came to me and insulted me for 10 minutes and told me that he would hire somebody to beat me up.

Ali Shirazi was talking to me outside but went inside and did not protect me as a customer against Mozafar Samavati.

The Darband has supported Mozafar Samavati against me on this matter. The Darband supported Mozafar Samavati against IranMehr Magazine

last year that could not be distributed in the Darband. (Systematic Anti-Democracy)

Some of my friends asked me to have a police complain about Samavati.

Does it make any difference for somebody who has never worked to be either inside or outside of jail when he makes his living from others?

Samavati was making fun of Mr. Samandarzadeh and wished that he would die last year when Samandarzadeh was hospitalized.

When I was fighting for my legal rights in Guilan last year, he was making jokes in Darband that

I was in a hospital and dying and was beaten by the villagers.


Mozafar Samavati left the message on my voice that he will destroy me in Houston.

Mozafar Samavati Mozafar Samavati

Sholeh Samavati  Sholeh Samavati

Gia Samavati Gia Sharzad Samavati

Ellie Samavati Ellie Shirin Samavati