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صدای فارسی برای شنیدن این داستان به فارسی، روی (صدای فارسی) کلیک کنید

Mozafar was born in Somesara in 1931 in very poor and uneducated family and he was dropped out in the fourth grade elementary school

and moved to Rasht and work as a child labor in Zarjoub Bridge (Truck and Bus station section in Rasht).

Because of his communication and telling lies skill he was hired as a low level agent by the SAVAK against progressive people of Guilan

and He was deployed to Siyakel uprising in Guilan.

Later on, he moved to Ahvaz to work for his brother (Faridoon Samavati) as the manager of Royal PVC Company.

The company was a front office for his brother to attract other investors and cheat them on their money.

He was married to a girl from Somesara whose father had a small tea house and after he made the girl pregnant

he complained that she was not virgin “Was Mozafar Samavati virgin?, Was Sholeh a virgin girl?”.

We were used to see him with different prostitutes in Rasht. He was used to bring prostitute for the generals in Iran.

He has a son (Omid) from his first wife and he looks he has become successful by himself. He did not follow his father path.

He tried to come to Houston, USA but Sholeh worked hard that he will not come and pretend tried to bring him to the USA.

He got married to Sholeh Bashiri after the Shah left Iran. Sholeh uncle told Mozafar if he did not leave Iran

he will be executed because of his association with the SAVAK.

He and his wife (Sholeh or Masoumeh Bashiri) left Iran and arrived to Houston and the hard life has just started for them.

Mozafar opened grocery store, car leadership, cleaning, junk yard and he failed in every one of them except cheating Iranian people in Houston.

He cheated a lot of people in Houston with his stupid radio station and he did all kind of crime with his wife (in insurance) in order to survive.

You could get a fake insurance card for $50 from his wife.

When he visited Iran after the first time, he was arrested but his wife uncle help him not to go to jail and work with the current government.

Mozafar sells his mother or wife in order to survive.

He borrowed $2000 from me more than 35 years ago because of my father request but he and his wife have never paid the money to me.

When my sister and her husband Habiboullah (Farzad) Samavati died in the airplane crash Mozafar Samavati asked me to transfer

some money to my mom because she needs help and the broker (was arrested by the FBI in Houston later on because of money laundry)

gave $1000 to Mozafar without my permission.

When Nasrin Taskini, Zarin Taskini (Sholeh’s mom) , Aghdas Taskini and few more tried to get my death certificate in Iran in order

to steal the rest of my father inherence (my share) they hide my father will and never showed it to me.

At the same time, Sholeh, Mozafar, Farah Samavati, and Behrouz Jafarzadeh tried to get my power attorney for

Nasrin Taskini in their rented house close to the highway 6 in Houston. Farah told me that I cannot own an property

because I am an American citizen and it is better give them to Nasrin Taskini.

Amir-Reza Samavati was born in Houston and owns more than $10 million stolen properties in Iran

and owns properties in the USA and does not pay a penny tax in the USA.

When Mozafar Samavati died his wish was to buried in Somesara Guilan but Sholeh Samavati saved the money and have a big festival

in The Houstonian that is very expensive.

A thieve is always a thieve and a fox is always a fox; it does not matter if Samavati and Taskini families work in engineering, law, or medical fields

they are always foxes and thieves. You must be very stupid to do business with them.

Anybody who is either married or works with Samavati and Taskini must be either con-artist or will be con-artist.




Somesara City Mozafar Samavati First Wife.

Sholeh Samavati  Sholeh Samavati, Second Wife.

Omid Samavati Omid Samavati, Son.

Gia Samavati Gia Sharzad Samavarti, Daughter.

Ellie Samavati Ellie Shirin Samavati, Daughter.