Faridoon Samavati

Goat Wolf

Faridoon Samavati is the most con-artist in Rasht and has gone jail so many times.

He avoid of going to jail because he had emergency surgery.

He was ahead of any other Iranian in his time in cheating. He never had any land and property under his name.

All prosperity was under his son Farzad Samavati until his son and her cousin my sister Azita Bahari

got married and dies in the Tehran Air plane crash.

When he stole property and money one his partner in Bakery Manufacturing (He was from Tabriz).

He killed himself because he lost everything in partnership.

He stole properties from his own brother (Mehdi Samavati) and his brother never talked to him again.

He stole properties from another partner Ahmad Bahari after his death (my father).

Anybody who is either married or work with Samavati and Taskini must be either con-artist or will be con-artist.


Aghdas Taskini Aghdas Taskini, Wife.

Farzad Samavati Farzad Samavati, Son.

Arghevan Samavati Arghevan Samavati, Daughter

Amir-Reza Samavati Amir-Reza Samavati, Son.