Aghdas Taskini

  Aghdas Taskini Aghdas Taskini Wolf Koran Reading Class Furniture

{Aghdas Taskini, in his son and my sister wedding, wolf, and Quran Reading Class, Aghdas sits on the furniture in the class}

صدای فارسی برای شنیدن این داستان به فارسی، روی (صدای فارسی) کلیک کنید

Aghdas Taskini has been a thieve and liar for years and now is going to Koran reading class that belongs to all

rich women and show their wealth.  The God message is honesty and telling truth, and Aghdas Taskini you are

not one of them.  You have a lot of health problems and enjoy it.

You, Arghevan Samavati , and Fahimeh Bashiri spend a lot time and money to destroy Homa

but you and your family have a miserable life and time.

What happened to your first son wedding, what happened to your second American son first wedding

What happened to your Arghevan Samavati daughter face?

When the most Con-Artist Woman in the world who is going to become an American citizen.

It is shame for American democracy, freedom, and justice to those who lost their fortune to her and her husband.

Aghdas Taskini, his son (Farzad Samavati), and my sister (Azita Bahari), and Nasrin Taskini.

Wife and husband died the next day after above wedding picture was taken.

Aghdas Taskini and her husband Faridoon Samavati were used to give $100 per months to Nasrin Taskini to fight against me and destroy me.

When they sold all stolen properties they give only $5000 to Nasrin Taskini and I do not know how much they gave to Zarah Bahari her husband

Hojat Asgharnia.

She and her family were so poor they could not rent a place to live and eat and were living in relative houses.

When I saw them in south of Tehran for the first time in 1974 there were a lot of flies inside of their rented house.

They had a miserable life.

After start cheating people in the business, writing bad checks, and etc.

She has become financially successful with her husband help (Faridoon Samavati).

She paid bribe to the Tax and Title department of Rasht, Guilan, Iran in order to change title from

Ahmad Bahari to his son Farzad Samavati and again from Farzad Samavati who died in air plane crash to herself

without going through inherence process.

When she came to the USA for first time and her son (Amir Reza) was born in 1978 and he can be an American citizen and

he will get the green card for the rest of family in the future.

Homa Yazdanpenah was pregnant and was working, cooking, and cleaning one bedroom apartment in Willow Greek apartment

closed to gulf gate mall in Houston.  Aghdas and her dead husband (Faridoon Samavati) did not spend a penny.

They are free loaders like the rest of Taskini and Samavati families.

On February 2014, Amir-Raza Samavati, Mohammad-Reza Samavati, Aghdas Taskini, Zarin Taskini tried

to break our house gate in Rasht.

in order to hurt me because of exposing their cheating and collaboration with the Tax department of Rasht.

I did not open the house gate and jumped on the wall and call the police and they threw stoned and told me

they will send my dead body back to the USA. They told me that I can ask

our uncle Mohammad Shafieh Taskini about making you to be disappeared.

Zarin Taskini called first to be sure that nobody is at home before they attacked our house gate.

When I told them they stole our father property with Nasrin Tasking and her daughter (Zarah Bahari)

and Zarah husband (Hojat Asgharnia) help Twenty years ago and sold the property (Pasargad Bank now)

 illegally for 3.8 million dollars few years ago they got very mad and threw more stones.


When Nasrin Taskini was very sick and died in 2017, Aghdas Taskini came to Rasht and spent $5000

for hospital expense before  Nasrin Taskini died. She tried to keep her alive otherwise Ahmada Bahari

will take care of her inherence and take over 0.25 Samavati properties. She gave you a stolen $3.8 million dollar

property but you could not buy a apartment in Golsar.  She did not fight for her 25% share of inherence on your

 son Farzad Samavati. You re still Aghdas could not buy bread and came to our house the extreme snow year

to our house to survive.


Faridoon Samavati Faridoon Samavati, Husband.

Farzad Samavati Farzad Samavati, Son.

Nasrin Taskini Nasrin Taskini, Sister.

Azita Bahari Azita Bahari, Farzad Samavati Wife & Nasrin Taskini Daughter.

Zahari Bahari Zahra Bahari, Nasrin Taskini Daughter.

Bank of Pasargad Bank of Pasargad, Stolen Property By Aghdas Taskini.