Nasrin Taskini

Nasrin Taskini Nasrin Nasrin Bloody Blanket Shahin Apartment

  {Nasrin Taskini, her bloody blanket was in middle of her room, Faridoon Samavati rented this aprtment for Nasrin Taskin  and used it as my addrerss

in order to sell my share of house (50%) illegally, I lived in Houston at that time and I knew nothing about it)

Nasrin Taskini was born in Rasht, Guilan from a family who came from Masouleh.

She finished the 9th grade with a lot of gift from my grandfather (Safar Bahari) to her school principle.

She never liked my father family and always gave them hard time to stay in our house but she was

very nice to her family (Taskini and Samavati).

They could stay in our house as long as they wanted and do whatever they wanted.

Her friends told me that she sold few properties illegally and stole my share of inherence. She is not a mother and she is an evil.

Few of my father workers told me that Nasrin Taskini was used to hit Ahmad Bahari when he was sick (his last year of life).

When I asked Nasrin Taskini why did you do that? She told me that he did not leave anything for her in the will.
Ahmad Bahari nurse told me that my family would not be happy until they get my inherence share in Guilan, my money in the USA,

and my life. Let the future prove it.

She told me “Think that your father is poor”.

She is very uneducated and thinks other people are stupid. Please you think that “your husband was poor” and

your action has not shown that Ahmad Bahari was a poor person.

You sold few properties illegally without your son permission and legal system (inherence law).

She wrote few bad checks under Ahmad Bahari and took him to the court after his death but she could not

get a penny from those fake checks but Faridoon Samavati stole two properties with her brother and the mayor of Rasht assistance.

She stole her children share of inherence and sold them illegally to Faridoon Samavati and Aghdas Taskini.

One of those properties was sold for 3.8 million dollars few years ago by Aghdas Samavati to the Bank Pasargard.

When Hassan Ghorbani took me to Fuman to visit Mr. Atef Yakta (Sholeh Samavati step father) Nasrin Taskini got very mad at Hassan.

Atef Yakta told me that he, Zarin Taskini, Nasrin Taskini, and Aghdas Taskini tried to get my death certificate

in order to steal my inherence share and they were unsuccessful from this task.

Nasrin Taskini told to everybody that I died in the USA in order to cheat my inherence share.

Faridoon Samavati and Aghdas Taskini were the master mind behind this rumor.

She told everybody in Rasht that I have dollar in my red backpack. She wanted me to be hurt or killed so

She, Aghdas Taskini, and Faridoon Samavati problems would be solved because they stole Ahmad Bahari properties after his death.

She tried to sell her share of the shop (she does not have any share) illegally but the owner of shopping center (Mr. Asefi)

told her she cannot do it and she was talking bad about her son in order to change his mind. She has to work with her son.

She is a thieve and has no share in our father inherence.

She sold my share of furniture to Sholeh Samavati who visited Guilan for the first time with her con-artist husband

 (Mozafar Samavati). Sholeh Samavati gave the furniture to his brother

In 2004, I asked the Rasht Phone Company to disconnect my home phone number.

It was done immediately but after three days, Faridoon Samavati and Nasrin Taskini went to the phone

company and talked bad about me and Faridoon Samavati gave the employees 25 coupons to eat free at KFC in Golsar.

Her son has sent her more than $8000 USD before 2004 but he has not given one penny to her since

he found out how bad these people are after visiting Guilan for first time after 27 years of living in the USA.

When I was in Rasht Tax department in the morning, she told me Aghdas Taskini and her sons are

coming from Tehran Today to hurt me.

She told me instead of being in the Tax department go and hide yourself.

When I talked to her in 2003 where is my father’s will she told me if I bother her more about the father will

she would ask Amir-Reza Samavati to use his martial art black belt to hurt me. (Your wish became realty in 2014).
She did not care about what happened to her son and she was worried why the police was in the front of house.

Arghevan Samavati called her and insulted her why hurting the son plan failed. I have never seen a mother who sells her children for money.

She and Aghdas Taskini promised money ($700 USD) to Ahmad Lotfi in Chardeh, Guilan in 2004 to hurt Ahmad Bahari son with the knife.

 They hurt him a little bit and those people asked him for forgiveness later on. Nobody in the village talk to Ahmad Lotfi and his friend anymore.

In 2014, Nasrin, Zarin, Aghdas Taskini, and Amir Reza Samavati, and Mohammad Reza Samavati decided

to hurt her son in order to make things quit because Tax and Revenue department was in very bad shape

with Zara Bahari was exposing their corruption. They attacked the son but they failed and

the son called the Rasht Police to arrest them.
She stole Ahmad Bahari son share of rice from farm and gave it to Samavati family for fourteen years. S

he owns Ahmad Bahari son 8000 kilo gram rice because of the court order in Guilan in 2004.

She and Zarah Bahari tried to sell the house illegally with the corrupted attorneys but they failed again.

She and Zarah Bahari rented my room for Twenty four years and I have told them so many times

please do not rent my room but they do not care about other people rights and ownership.

They are greedy and uneducated.


Ahmad Bahari Ahmad Bahari, Father

Azita Bahari Azita Bahari, Daughter.

Zarah Bahari Zarah Bahari, Sister