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{Chardeh, Ahmad Bahari, his Accountant, & me in Tazeh Abad Rasht}

صدای فارسی برای شنیدن این داستان به فارسی، روی (صدای فارسی) کلیک کنید

Ahmad Bahari was born in Chardeh and his father name was Safar Bahari.

He was married to Nasrin Taskini who took him to the court after his death.

Everybody who met him liked and respected him because he knew how to respect form the poorest to richest person in Guilan.

He used his money and power to educate me what I am today.

He helped a lot of people and helped his family but his family did not take of his will after his death.

He was like Tito the leader of Yugoslavia, Ttito kept Yugoslavia together and Ahmad kept family in syn.

When he died in German because of cancer during surgery.

After his death his wife Nasrin Taskini wrote few checks one for herself and one for Faridoun Samavati and took my father to the court.

The Judge was from Fuman and was her relative but told her that she cannot cash the check.

Ahmad Bahari following properties were stolen by Faridoon Samavati, Aghdas Taskini, Nasrin Taskini, Ghadigheh Bahari, and Zarah Bahari:

  1. Goslar Store

  2. Goslar Land

  3. Farm Land between Rasht and Roudbar

Faridoon Samavati took over two of my father properties in Goslar and was sold after 25 years for 3.8 million dollars.

His accountant told me everything about most of Ahmad Bahari properties were stolen by Samavati and Taskini families.

Ahmad bahari AccountantAhmad Bahari Accountant Video


Safar Bahari Safar Bahari, Father

Blank Mother.

Nasrin Taskini Nasrin Taskini, Wife.

Azita Bahari Azita Bahari, Daughter.

Zahari Bahari Zahra Bahari, Daughter.

Mahmoud Bahari Mahmoud Bahari, Step Brother.

Hassan Bahari Hassan Bahari, Step Brother.

Ghasem Bahari Ghasem Bahari, Step Brother.

Hossien Bahari Hossien Bahari, Step Brother.

Ayha Bahari Ayha Bahari, Step Sister.

Zinab Bahari Zinab Bahari, Sister.

Fatemeh Bahari Fatemeh Bahari, Sister. 

Blank Afzal Bahari, Step Sister.