Zahra Bahari

Zarah Bahari Snake Nasrin Bahari

صدای فارسی برای شنیدن این داستان به فارسی، روی (صدای فارسی) کلیک کنید

When my mom, Nasrin Taskini died in 2017 Zarah Bahari did not informed me either directly or in directly

but she was going at full speed to do the inherence and told a lot of people that I had a car accident and I was in comma.

She told some of relative like Zinab Bahari, Javidan Bahari, and etc not to call me because If I come for the funerla I will be

a trouble maker.

Toilet Antena

She destroyed the house so I could not live when I visit Rasht next time, it cost me a lot of money

and time to fix everything so I can live in it for four  months. Look at picture, Zarah Bahari, a sick person destroied the resttoom toilet

and satlletie dish. When I asked her she could not answer it and ran way.

She took our mom jewelry and empty her bank account took all Nasrin Taskini document and destroyed her bed.

I showed all documents to the Judge that she and rest of Samavati took me to court and trying to sell the house five years before.

Zaahri Bahari Truck

Zarah Bahari was coming to the house and moving things with pickup truck everyday. I have seen the tuck loaded at least six times.

I told her you can have everything in the house and I cannot take them to the USA because of shipping cost but she is paid

by Aghdas Taskini and Ami-Reza Samavati to bother me.  I had to change the lock of the house for the safety and security.

Store-Dirty Store Cleaned

She came to see me on the street in order to sale the shop so we decided to clean and fix it up.

I cleaned the store but I did not complete it and she locked the store and I broked the lock and she took me to the court.

She took me to the court now she wants my birth certificate and national card to do my inherence tasks.

Zarah Bahari  Zarah Bahari

She is fighting for the store storage that belongs to us bus she is fighting by herself because she think she is the only one have the document.

Shahin Apartment

Faridoon Samavati rented this aprtment for Nasrin Taskin  and used it as my addrerss

in order to sell my share of house (50%) illegally, I lived in Houston at that time and I knew nothing about it

Zarah Bahari and Taskini and rest of Samavati took me to the court but they could sell the houe.

Zarah Bahari is mentally unstable,  bipolar,  and I cannot trust her at all.

Hojat Asgharnia has not worked since Ahmad Bahari died in 1990 and he closed his shop

at the same time in order to cheat Ahmad Bahari inherence property with Nasrin Taskini and Zahra Bahari.

Mehdi Samavati read Ahmad Bahari will for Hojat Asgharnia and Zara Bahari and later on the will was lost

on purpose in order to cheat Ahmad Bahari son share of inherence.

They stole two properties and sold them to Faridoon Samavati and Aghdas Taskini illegally at very low price in 1992.

One of the properties was sold by Samavati family for 3.8 million US dollar few years ago to the Bank Pasargard.

When our sister died in the airplane crash, I sent $2000 to Nasrin Taskini and Mozafar Samavati

took $1000 from the money broker without my permission. I did not know until your mom told me when

I visited Persia for the first time.

They tried to sell the shop in 2000 illegally but they failed and Ahmad Bahari son visited Rasht

after twenty- seven years living in the USA and the war started.

When I visited Guilan for the first time, she was screaming at me that she needs her share of inherence.

 I asked her where is Ahmad Bahari will and she left the house. She left a message on the TV that

she will meet me the next day. She brought her uncle (Mohammad Shafi Taskini) to talk me.

Her uncle started scaring me that she will hurt me and make life very difficult for me in Persia

if I stay in Guilan and I bother Nasrin Taskini and etc. Zarah Bahari was sitting close to the uncle and did not say one word.

In 2003, when I was sick and I asked Hossien Yazdanpenah to visit me and he called my sister and she told him that I can die and go to hell.

During my next visit when I took care of her inherence and I tried to pay her tax when I called her

to come to tax department to sign the documents she told me that she will go to the police department and

tell them I came from the USA and bothering them.

They tried to sell a house in 2013 illegally again. The first buyer was Hojat Asgharnia relative who owns a

public bath business (Melat) and they failed because the son living in the USA has 50% of the share and the title

and his name was in the Title Department computer database. They told the court that I was lost in the USA

again and used a rental apartment as my address and never told me that they were selling the house.

She took me to an attorney office (Hojat Asgharnia friend) and he was explaining to me that she and

her mother could sell the house without doing the inherence process. I told him please go back to school

and study your subject again. He told me if I knew the law why I came to visit him. I left his office right away.

The attorney did not know I have been studying the Persian inherence law since I visited it for the first time.

Later on he told to her that he made a mistake and he asked her how I know the laws.

Hojat Asgharnia takes half of his wife salary every month because most of women do not have any rights in Guilan.

Zahra Bahari does not live with her husband anymore and using her graduate school as an excuse

to live in her father house. We will see where she will live when she does not go to the school in the summer.

She is bipolar and she is not taking her medicine anymore and she is teacher and is a risk to her student

at work and student at University of Lahijan.

Their son is 34+ years old and he has never worked in his life. He learned how to be lazy from

his father (Hojat Asgharnia), grandmother (Nasrin Taskini) and Samavati families.

He said the doctor when he was in Aghdas Taskini house if you live with her mom Zarah Taskini

you would be mentally and physically sick.

She got $2000 from me a long time ago and its current value must at least $3000.

She decided to pay me monthly in 2014. She makes $320 per month as a teacher and almost

half of her salary will be given to her husband (Hojat Asgharnia) who is a free loader and is like Mozafar Samavati.

She has to work three years without spending a penny to cover that money to me.

Zahar Bahari Door

Zahar Bahari and his husband Hojat Asgharnia House. Please paint the door with money stole from me.




Ahmad Bahari Ahmad Bahari, Father

Nasrin Taskini Nasrin Taskini, Mother

Azita Bahari Azita Bahari, Sister.

Aghdas Taskini Aghdas Taskini, Aunt.

Amir-Reza Saamvati Amir-Reza Samavati, Cousin.