Behrouz Jafarzadeh

Behrouz Jafarzadeh

{Behrouz Jafarzadeh, Sholeh Samavati and his children}

صدای فارسی برای شنیدن این داستان به فارسی، روی (صدای فارسی) کلیک کنید

In 2004, Behrouz Jafarzadeh came to Hossien mechanic garage shop in Houston

and told Hossien to tell me that do not bother Samavati and Taskini families in Iran.

When Sholeh and Mozafar called me to visit them in the rental house in Highway 6 and Westheimer Rd.

When I visited them in their kitchen they wanted me to give the power attorney to Nasrin Taskini.

I did not understand why Behrouz Jafarzadeh and Farah Samavati were in the house.

When I asked them where is my father will the meeting was over?

Behrouz wife told me that I cannot own any property in Iran because I am an American.

Amir-Reza Samavati was born in Houston and owns more than $10 million stolen properties in Iran

and owns few properties in the USA and does not pay a penny tax in the USA.

Please do not take medical equipment to Iran when you travel because it is against the USA export law.

Anybody who marries or works with either Samavati or Taskini families must be either con-artist or will be con-artist later on.


Farah Samavati Farah Samavarti, Wife.

Mozafar Samavati Mozafar Samavati, Farah Uncle.

Sholeh Samavati  Sholeh Samavati, Farah Cousin.