Ghasem Bahari

ghasem bahari  Luleman

{ Ghasem Bahari with Ahmad Bahari, Wife, Mother, and in Luleman wit me and Ibrahim Javidan}

صدای فارسی برای شنیدن این داستان به فارسی، روی (صدای فارسی) کلیک کنید

I called Ghasem Bahari in 2003 and I asked him to find my father will and I sent him $1000 USD to cover his expense.

After few weeks he called me to send him another $2000 more in order to find the father will.

He was using the second floor of Ahmad Bahari store for clothes work and when the store was stolen by Samavati and Taskini

families later on After Ahmad Bahari death. When I asked about Ahmad Bahari stolen properties he said he does not know but

Nasrin Taskini tried to get my death certificate to steal my share of inherence.

Ghasem Bahari was born in Guilan and he was very bad person, our phone was disconnected twice because

he used the phone to bother married women.

When he was young he played in porn movie in Rasht and took those pictures in Safar Bahari house in Saghrisasan and

destroied it.  I really want to know what his children do now.

My father bought him a Taxi but he was more interested in women and gambling.

Nobody would get married with him in Rasht and tried to find a wife for him in Masal.

When our family to meet this wife family for the first time, he told Nasrin Taskini that he did gambling with the girl father.

He asked Faridoon Samavati to hire him for his shop Tehran.

He worked for Faridoun Samavati and he learned all arts of cheating and con-artist from Faridoun Samavati.


Safar Bahari Safar Bahari, Father

Safar Bahari Wife 2 Mother.

Ahmad Bahari Ahmad Bahari, Step Brother

Hassan Bahari Hassan Bahari, Step Brother

Mahmoud Bahari Mahmoud Bahari, Brother

Hossien Bahari Hossien Bahari, Step Brother.

Ayha Bahari Ayha Bahari, Sister

Zinab Bahari Zinab Bahari, Step Sister

Fatemeh Bahari Fatemeh Bahari, Step Sister.  

Blank Afzal Bahari, Step Sister.