Zinab Bahari

Zinab Bahari

صدای فارسی برای شنیدن این داستان به فارسی، روی (صدای فارسی) کلیک کنید

Zinab Bahari was born in Chardeh. Her father name was Safar Bahari and I do not know her mother name but she was living with us in Rasht for years.

She was a cold blood machine and never said a word.

In 2017, when I called her why they did not inform me that my mother died she told me that I would be a trouble maker in the funeral.

I was not a trouble maker to send $8000 to Nasrin Taskini and $2000 to Zarah Bahari.

I was not a trouble maker to be asked to invest your house by your husband.

Zarah Bahari stole mother money from the bank and jewelry and my mother did not have a name on her buried place.

You were asking people in the Chardeh when I am going back to the USA.

You are mentally and physically sick, and greedy, and have never had a simple and happy life and try make life miserable for others.

You are always begging people to spend money on your mean mother who died a long time ago.

Try to take your borthers (Hassan and Hussien) to the court in order to get some money from your sister death (Afzal).

You sold your land to somebody in Chardeh and took him to the court and made more money what he paid for the land.

Nobody talks nice about you in Chardeh and fought with everybody becasue of nothing.

You and Zarah Bahari have a lot in common and need to be in the mental hospital.


Safar Bahari Safar Bahari, Father

Blank Mother.

Ibrahim Javidan Ibrahim Javidan, Husband

Ahmad Bahari Ahmad Bahari, Brother

Mahmoud Bahari Mahmoud Bahari, Step Brother

Hassan Bahari Hassan Bahari, Step Brother

Ghasem Bahari Ghasem Bahari, Step Brother

Ayha Bahari Ayha Bahari, Step Sister

Fatemeh Bahari Fatemeh Bahari, Sister.  

Blank Afzal Bahari, Step Sister.