Safar Bahari

Safar Bahari Safar Bahari

           {Safar Bahari, with is relatives in Chardeh}

صدای فارسی برای شنیدن این داستان به فارسی، روی (صدای فارسی) کلیک کنید

Safar Bahari was born in Chardeh and was my grandfather. He was very nice to me and I was his first grand child.

I have learned a lot from him when I was growing  and I watched him directly and indirectly and listend the good and bad things

other people said. Safar Bahari was the first person who bought me the electrial parts and equipments.

I owned my professional jobs and expertise to Safar Bahari first and Ahmad Bahari second.

I read a lot of books and own that to Hassan Bahari.

I always love you Safar Bahari and I became the best student in my field in the high school in the coutry.


Four wives, Four Sons, and Four Daughters.

First Wife

Blank First Wife.

Ahmad Bahari Ahmad Bahari, Son.

Zinab Bahari Zinab Bahari, Daughter.

Fatemeh Bahari Fatemeh Bahari, Daughter.  

Second Wife

Safar Bahari Wife 2 Second Wife.

Mahmoud Bahari Mahmoud Bahari, Son.

Ghasem Bahari Ghasem Bahari, Son.

Ayha Bahari Ayha Bahari, Daughter.

Third Wife

Blank Third Wife.

Hassan Bahari Hassan Bahari, Son.

Hossien Bahari Hossien Bahari, Son.

Blank Afzal Bahari, Daughter.

Fourth Wife

Blank Divorced and No Kid.