Bank of Pasargad in Golsar

Bank Of Pasargad Bank of Pasargad

صدای فارسی برای شنیدن این داستان به فارسی، روی (صدای فارسی) کلیک کنید

The property was two story and belonged to Ahmad Bahari, my father.

After his death, Nasrin Taskini, Azita Bahari, and Zarah Bahari transferred the title to Farzad Samavati through cheating

process. Nasrin wrote two checks one for herself and one for Faridoon Samavati. Nasrin Taskini could not seize Ahmad Bahari

properties because she was his wife. Faridoon Seize the property because He was a business partner and transferred the title to his

son Farzad Samavati. Farzad Samavati and Azita Bahari got married later on to make this con-artist act more formal.

Faridoon Samavati gradually destroyed the store and install wall around it i order to change the title.

The property was under Farzad name until I went back to Rasht and Faridoon Samavati was scared that I would get

the land back so with bribe to Tax department Rasht they were able to transferred the title to Aghdas Taskini in 2004.

The property was sold to Bank Pasargad for $3.8 million dollars in 2014 and Aghdas gave $5000 to Nasrin Taskini instead of

$250,000. Nasrin Taskini and Zarah Bahari took Aghdas Taskini to the court. They won first trial and lost on second trial because

the judge was Aghdas relative (From Somesara). Zarah Bahari sent me a lot of letter for money to get a better lawyer.

Amir-Reza Samavati sent $150,000 from the sale distribution to Sholeh Samavati in Houston in two money transfer of

$75,000 each that is against the US Law.


Ahmad bahari Accountant Ahmad Bahari Accountant Video.

Ahmad Bahari Ahmad Bahari.

Aghdas Taskini Aghdas Taskini.

Farzad Samavati Farzad Samavati.

Amir-Reza Saamvati Amir-Reza Samavati.

Nasrin Taskini Nasrin Taskini.

Azita Bahari Azita Bahari.

Zahari Bahari Zahra Bahari.