Javad Taskini

Javad Taskini

صدای فارسی برای شنیدن این داستان به فارسی، روی (صدای فارسی) کلیک کنید

Javad Taskini sent an email to me in January 26, 2019 that I am a dumb person and his English is better than me.

He sent his webpage to me and that is very good and I am very proud of you as an uncle.

In order to make you happy from now I will be the dumbest person in the World.

You are an educated person with MS in Mechanical Engineering from University of Houston but not as a true educate person.

Zarah Bahar or Marita Bahari told people in Rasht that I do not know how to speak Persian.

I have used to discrimination because of race, language, accent, and etc. around the world.

I have never expected the decimation from my own blood family.

I wish all of you people go to the heaven and enjoy your retirements.

I cooked a lot for you when you were used to come to our house until I cooked eggs and got mad
and left and never come back because my father.

Halim Mahmoud

You could not say hi to me when we were sitting the same table in Mahmoud Halim place sixteen years ago.

We talked less than in one minute close to the Rasht Tax department last year 2017.

Homa spend a lot of time to take are of you when you visited your brother  in Tehran what was the last you said thank to her.

I always support Homa because she was pregent and came to Brenham Blinn College to help me and I will never forget that.

I sent $8000 to Nasrin Taskini and $2000 to Zahara Bahari or Marita Bahari.

They did not appreciated my money whe I was an engineer but I was homeless in the USA and I came to Rasht
and I was sleeping in dry cleaner.

They had funeral for me and tried to get death certificate for me and stole my share
of father properties (Golsar, Garden in Tehran Rasht road, and etc).

Fahimeh Basiri is another garbage like Zarin Taskini who stole people husbands.

Zarah Bahari is the most garbage person and I hope she will have miserable life like her mother.

You people give me hard time and I will give hard time to every one of you in the USA, Canada, and England.

References: Javad Taskini Web Page.

Ataullah Taskini Ataullah Taskini, Brother.

Mohammad Shafieh Taskini Mohammad Shafieh Taskini, Brother.

Aghdas Taskini Aghdas Taskini, Sister.

Nasrin Taskini Nasrin Taskini, Sister.

Zarin Taskini  Zarin Taskini, Sister.